• Diagnostics

    We are the only Polish veterinary company that has such a wide portfolio of diagnostic tests. Research with their use is easy to perform and results easy to interpret.

We create innovative products of the highest quality

Rapid diagnostic tests in daily practice

VetExpert diagnostics are top-shelf products, effective in the daily work of a veterinarian. They enable quick and precise diagnosis of, among others, vector diseases, food allergies and atopy, respiratory diseases, diarrhea and diseases of the reproductive system


The method used in VetExpert rapid tests is immunochromatography (IC), which is now widely used, among others when suspected of influenza, angina or Helicobacter pylori.

  • High credibility
  • Fast result 5-15 minutes
  • Storage at room temperature (2 – 30 ° C)
  • Long expiry date

Tests for dogs and cats

Vet Expert rapid tests for dogs and cats are based on the immunochromatography (IC) method. These are trustworthy products that undergo numerous quality controls in the production process.


Strip tests

The Vet Expert UroTest-11-Vet test strips are designed for the rapid analysis of the urine of many species of animals and are used for the semi-quantitative determination of the following parameters in the urine of animals:

  • Leukocytes
  • Ketones
  • Nitrite
  • Urobilinogen
  • Bilirubin
  • Protein
  • Glucose
  • Specific Gravity
  • Blood
  • pH
  • Ascorbic acid

The test strips are useful in daily practice and are easy to use. They provide valuable information about the patient’s clinical condition in just 60 seconds.


Glucose monitoring

The distribution of glucose in the blood differs depending on the species of animal and differs significantly from the values characteristic for human blood. Plasma glucose is much higher in dogs and cats than in humans. What’s more, their hematocrit level also differs, which is an important factor influencing the measurement result. The use of a human blood glucose meter in animals may distort the results of the actual glucose concentration values in the test animal and thus create a risk of incorrect diagnosis or impede the treatment process.

The complete blood glucose measurement kit from VetExpert includes:

Vet Expert BG Vet veterinary glucometer

  • extremely precise glycemic control in dogs and cats thanks to special calibration strips
  • a small volume of blood is enough (only 1 μl)
  • wide range of results 10-600 mg / dL
  • possibility to change units (mg / dl, mmol / l)
  • simultaneous measurement of hematocrit values
  • large readable display
  • only one operating button
  • dedicated control kits

Vet Expert BG Vet Blood Glucose Test Strips

  • a unique strip containing two types of components that receive the measurement signal
  • high precision of results thanks to the use of patented measurement technology
  • a small drop of blood is enough for the test
  • convenient packaging containing 50 test strips with a security seal to ensure the highest quality of the product

Control solutions Vet Expert BG Vet Blood Glucose Control Solution

  • allow you to check the operation of the meter and strips
  • contain known glucose concentration, in two ranges – NORMAL and HIGH (the correct range of measurement is on the bottle with strips)
  • control should be performed regularly in the event of:
    • Obtaining questionable measurement results that do not match the clinical condition
    • When in doubt whether the meter and strips are working properly
    • In order to practice the test procedure
    • The device or strips may be damaged or have been stored in improper conditions

Why is it important to choose a veterinary glucometer?

Distribution of glucose in the blood of various species of animals and humans.


Almost 93% of glucose is in plasma and 7% in red blood cells


Almost 87.5% of glucose is in plasma and 12.5% in red blood cells


Almost 58% of glucose is in plasma and 42% in red blood cells