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The Vet Expert brand includes supplements, diets, care products, professional products for veterinary medicine and RAW PALEO - a line of high-meat foods for everyday feeding of dogs and cats. Research conducted by the renowned Kantar * company in March 2021 proved that in the category of supplements for dogs and cats, our products are most often recommended by veterinarians and enjoy their greatest trust.

We are present in over 40 countries around the world, and our activity is often awarded in important competitions and plebiscites, such as Product of the Year, Good Brand, Top For Dog or the Polish Innovation Award.

* Among veterinary supplements based on a study conducted by Kantar Polska S.A. in March 2021, using the CATI method on a group of N = 239 veterinarians

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For over 10 years we have been developing supplements, pet food, diets and care preparations for dogs and cats with scientists and veterinarians.

Selection of raw materials and production process, as in the case of human food, is subject to constant and strict control.

This is guaranteed by the highest pharmaceutical quality GMP certificate , and in the case of pet food, the selection of ingredients human grade , i.e. permitted for human consumption.


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Vet Expert Blog

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