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    Our world revolves around animals, so we create products that keep our pets healthy.

We create innovative products of the highest quality

Our mission

Vet Expert is not only a brand but also an authentic story about people, animals and business. Our "based on evidence" commitment means that we do not only talk about the quality and innovation of our products - but we can also prove it, striving for continuous excellence in our field.

Evidence? We conduct industry-leading research and therefore we are the only Polish company with a line of its diagnostic products.
As the first in the country, we have developed veterinary diets for dogs and cats, created a market of professional supplements from scratch, for which we have been awarded many times. We are the only company in this part of the world and one of the few in the world publishing our own scientific magazine - "Veterinary Life".

Our entire history is proof that love for animals combined with the scientific passion and enthusiasm of the team allows us to create extraordinary and unique things on a global scale. This is who we are and we want it to stay that way.

Chairman of the Board
Grzegorz Laska

We operate globally


countries offer Vet Expert products


factories on four continents

We are an international brand

Dogs, cats and other animals know no boundaries or intercultural differences. The Vet Expert brand was established in 2008 in Poland in response to the global trend of the humanization of animals. From the beginning, we aimed to support veterinarians and animal carers around the world.

Our products under the Vet Expert and RAW PALEO brands are known and appreciated on 4 continents, in over 40 countries around the world and the number is constantly growing. We are proud of our achievements; they motivate us to further development and efforts to gain the trust of veterinarians and animal keepers in every latitude.

Member of the Management Board for Export
Anna Rutkowska

What do we do?

We create innovative products that are known and appreciated among specialists and experts in Poland and abroad.


Supporting preparations, inter alia, in an innovative Twist-Off capsule and with a rich composition.


Shampoos and hygiene preparations - safe and effective in action.


A wide portfolio of tests and diagnostic devices for veterinarians.


Comfortable magnetic beds, supporting recovery and healthy relaxation.

Pies Kot

RAW PALEO pet food

Food with the highest content of meat and offal on the market. Grain-free. Monoprotein.

Veterinary diets

Delicious specialized pet food developed by the best nutritionists in Poland.

Custom diets

Dedicated menus for sick dogs with special nutritional needs.

Odor neutralizers

A line of hypoallergenic products that remove animal odor instead of masking it.

Pies Kot

Our roots come from veterinary medicine

Vet Expert is the best known and most frequently recommended brand of veterinary supplements among veterinarians - this is what the latest Kantar study shows*. We are very pleased that professionals appreciated the quality of Vet Expert, especially that our roots come from veterinary medicine - doctors not only form our team but also a network of trusted business partners. We currently work with 30,000 veterinarians in Poland and abroad.

We know how important the recommendation of specialists is for our clients, which is why our products are available in the best clinics from the very beginning. But that is not all - doctors also have an impact on the development of the Vet Expert portfolio, their knowledge and experience help in improving our offer and creating new solutions..

Prof. dr hab. (DSc) Michał Jank,
Leader of the Research and Development Department

30 %

Of Vet Expert team holds an academic title

86 %

Of our employees take care of a dog or cat


Countries offer Vet Expert products


Doctors offer our products

Our achievements

We receive numerous awards and distinctions, but we are most pleased with the awards granted to us by animal carers.