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    Our love goes beyond dogs and cats. We help fight animal diseases that cause losses to breeders and result in a threat to human health.

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Effective diagnostics

Currently, veterinary medicine focuses on improving the diagnosis process and avoiding unnecessary treatment, mainly antibiotics. In line with this trend, our team of scientists regularly develops effective diagnostic tests.


Of the dairy cow population suffers from mastitis

Mastitis in cows

Our team is implementing a globally unique project aimed at developing and introducing the world's first rapid test for the detection of mastitis pathogens in cows.

Mastitis affects up to half of the world's dairy cow population each year, causing huge losses of EUR 16–26 billion per year. The quick and easy-to-perform immunochromatographic test developed as a part of the project will allow to diagnose of the microorganisms responsible for the infection within just a few minutes, including application of targeted and effective antibiotic therapy.


of the cancers diagnosed in dogs are lymphomas and leukaemia

Lymphomas in dogs

Lymphomas and leukaemia account for over 30% of all cancers diagnosed in dogs. Current diagnostic methods are expensive and time-consuming, hence, in cooperation with prof. Andrzej Rapak from the Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy (Polish Academy of Sciences) in Wrocław and prof. Arkadiusz Miążek from the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, we are introducing a simple and quick test strip to be performed in veterinary practice, which will speed up the diagnosis.

However, we do not stop at diagnostics only - we want to use our research to create the most modern, biological anti-cancer drug for dogs.


tests per hour will be produced by our laboratory

Biotechnology laboratory

Our laboratory is the only place in Poland and in this part of Europe where it will be possible to produce quick diagnostic tests. We have production capacities that allow us to obtain up to 1.5 thousand tests per hour.

We create various types of solutions - strip tests, immunochromatography and immunofluorescence tests that detect not only the presence but also the number of various types of pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and parasites

New projects

We develop and commercialize the world's first rapid test for detecting herpes viruses that cause serious infections in horses. The test can be performed by veterinarians, but also breeders in field conditions without the use of specialized equipment. We conduct the research in cooperation with DSc Lucjan Witkowski from the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Together with the team from BioScientia sp. z o.o. we are working on a diagnostic test that detects a wide range of strains of the PRRS virus (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome) occurring in Poland. It is currently the most dangerous disease of pigs, causing huge losses for breeders.

We are currently developing a test to detect one of the most common internal parasites in dogs - the hookworm. Hookworm infection poses a threat to the health and life of puppies but is also dangerous to humans. A quick diagnostic test gives the result after several minutes and does not require delivering samples to the laboratory.

The test for the diagnosis of coronavirus in cats developed by our team will differentiate the types of coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

Together with BioScientia, we are introducing a test that recognizes dangerous viral diseases of salmonids, namely: viral hemorrhagic sepsis (VHS) and infectious hematopoietic necrosis (IHN). Early diagnosis enables rapid intervention, lowers treatment costs, reduces the spread of infection and reduces grower losses.

We are working on the commercialization of a test to detect infection of bees with the sporangia Nosema ceranae, which contributes to the mass extinction of honey bees (Colony Collapse Disorder, CCD). The main features of this test, developed by the BioScientia team, are sensitivity, affordable price and ease of execution.