Quality for the love of animals. Interview with Anna Rutkowska

Do you want your cat or dog to be healthy and happy? Are you looking for valuable foods from natural products? Vet Planet, the owner of the VetExpert brand, not only presents high attention to the quality of products, but above all, shows true love for animals.

An interview with Anna Rutkowska, Vice President of the Management Board of Vet Planet.

Anna Rutkowska with European Quality Certificate. Photo by Karolina Mazur.

“Our mission is to support veterinarians and animal keepers”, says Anna Rutkowska, Vice President of the Management Board of Vet Planet Sp. z o.o. “We want every pet to feel, look and live the best they can. Research, credibility and recommendation of veterinarians are inscribed in the history of our company and we transfer it into the consumer market”, she adds.

In the beginning, the company’s activity focused on creating diagnostic tests for detecting infectious diseases, which was afterward expanded to include the production of veterinary supplements and diets, as well as dermocosmetic products for animals. Recently, the portfolio of Vet Planet has been enriched with high-quality dog ​​food, RAW PALEO.

Ultra premium pet foods

“RAW PALEO is a “back to basics” and natural nutrition of the dog at every stage of their life. The food redefines the richness of ingredients – in every 100g of the product, there is 80g of free-range turkey carcasses with the addition of fresh, seasonal vegetables. The result is excellent digestibility and a unique taste to ensure natural vitality and health”, emphasizes President Rutkowska.

Creating pet food is a response to the needs and expectations of customers looking for valuable food for the dog. The Ultra Premium segment means that the product is of the highest quality. The company operates a clean composition policy and submits its products to laboratory tests. In the product, no preservatives, artificial additives or flavor enhancers can be found, and in full-fledged nutritious meat we will not find any feathers, claws or meat and bone meal.

RAW PALEO Ultra Premium Foods

Veterinary roots

Even in the 90s, veterinarians had to use preparations for humans in animal therapy or to import expensive drugs and supplements from Western countries. This niche and the need of both doctors and keepers were filled by the activities of Vet Planet.

VetExpert supplement line

“The company was founded on the initiative of President Grzegorz Laska, who translated love for animals and business experience into creating an organization with a real mission that produces products based on scientific research”, says Anna Rutkowska. “We arose in spite of large corporations and over 11 years of activity, we have proved that we deserve the trust of veterinarians, breeders and animal keepers”, she adds.

Product quality starts already at the planning stage. The created recipes are carefully constructed by the development department, which includes the best specialists in veterinary dietetics.

VetExpert veterinary diet line

Then, the finished batch is subjected to microbiological, palatability and digestibility tests. As Anna Rutkowska explains, “Tastiness in the case of pets is extremely important. We can’t explain to a dog or a cat that they need to take a particular preparation to improve their health. Therefore, we devote a lot of work to this aspect. Our products should help, but also taste good”.

The final test confirming the quality is the consumer test. Positive doctors’ recommendations and customer reviews mean that complaints are virtually non-existent.

Animal Friendly

Vet Planet not only cares for animals but also for their people. The company is dynamically developing and the staff is constantly growing.

“We quickly implement our ideas and support the innovative solutions of our employees. For this reason, every person working with us has a sense of co-creation of the company”, says Anna Rutkowska.

Vet Planet is created by people who love animals. However, to be among them is not enough to just have a pet. Each new crew member undergoes an introductory training package and must have and develop knowledge of pet dietetics.

“Our team is 99 percent dog-cat fans. The atmosphere at work is truly family-friendly, and we often come with our pets”, emphasizes President Rutkowska. “Furthermore, our employees are real animal experts. We include doctors, behaviorists, zootechnicians and veterinary nutritionists”, she adds.

The company is very happy to engage in various activities for the benefit of animals. It encourages foundations and spontaneous charity campaigns. Vet Planet employees regularly support shelters, providing food, creating kennels and taking lonely and disabled animals for a walk. Helping together integrates the team even more.

Anna Rutkowska with Pongo, a little helper at work. Photo by Karolina Mazur.

Dynamic development

VetExpert products reach over 25 countries from Europe, Asia and South America. The market and the company’s offer are constantly growing.

“We are a month before the introduction of cat food and we can reveal that they will also be delighted”, Anna Rutkowska emphasizes.

RAW PALEO new cat food line

Interviewer: Kamil Zygmunczyk

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