VetExpert has been supporting veterinarians and animal care givers all over the world since 2008.

To give every single animal the opportunity to look, feel and live the best way possible.

RAW PALEO brand was honored with Good Brand Certificate 2019 „Quality – Trust – Prestige” in the Discovery of the Year category.

RAW PALEO is a brave return to the roots, for natural nutrition. Food with a high content of fresh ingredients – meat and vegetables – guarantees incomparably high palatability. It does not contain cereals (grain Free) and redundant fillers.

VetExpert Offer

What we do

VetExpert creates high quality diagnostic tests, care products, veterinary diets and supplements for dogs and cats.
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For veterinarians

The concept of "VetExpert. "Based on evidence" guarantees effects backed by scientific evidence – stronger, healthier and happier animals.
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For caregivers

For 10 years we have been caring for animal health and appearance. In Poland, VetExpert is the leader of trust among veterinarians (study TNS 2016).
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For farmers

For years we share with breeders a huge passion for animals, we give them experience and knowledge. We support their development.
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I am impressed by the Breeders Club. Professional approach towards the client, advice on what products to choose, express shipping and interesting promotions for breeders. And when it comes to products, I am delighted with VetoSkin, VetoMune and BioProtect. We recommend it!

Daria Dzięgelewska-Kuźmińska

Jakard Wejherstaff FCI

We have been associated with the Breeders Club for a long time. VetoSkin, VetoMune and the Odor line are products that we use regularly and their quality has never let us down. VetExpert are professional in every aspect. I highly recommend them!

Jarosław Dzięsław

Mazovia Gordons FCI

I am very pleased! Odor Eliminator is something I missed in my life. After the puppies of my white Swiss, I thought that fugues wouldn’t get rid of the smell for the rest of my life, but I was surprised! It smells great all over the house and, finally, it is not stressful to invite guests.
We are also testing other products and I already have the impression that the puppies are feeling much better. VetExpert for Breeders – thanks to you the life of breeders changes for the better!

Małgorzata Owczarek

Szczęśliwy Zwierzyniec Kennel FCI

I believe that VetExpert products are an important part of every caregiver’s first-aid kit. I especially recommend Twist Off capsules, which are easy to administer to even the most resistant pets, quickly and easily.

Lek. wet. Ewa Zwierzyńska

Czarny Kot Veterinary Office

I have been using VetExpert products in my office for years. I know that I can recommend them to my clients and their clients. I appreciate the constant quality of supplements, cosmetics and diets.

Lek. wet. Magdalena Kraińska-Łosek

Lancet Veterinary Clinic

Finally we have dog probiotics that actually help to rebuild the bacterial flora after antibiotic therapy, but not only that!

After all, probiotics are not only to be used after antibiotics, but also in case of repeated diarrhoea or coprophagia tendencies (especially in puppies). For a long time I have been using BioProtect whenever there is something wrong with my dog’s belly, and it is really helping.

Agnieszka Kuzińska

I am a dog training instructor and an owner of three dogs. I used VetExpert products for the first time when I was looking for products to improve the condition of the skin and coat.

I give my dogs the VetoSkin in capsules, which they eat like candies – giving the supplement is not a problem for me. The effect can be seen with the naked eye, especially on a black female – after the moulting period many people pay attention to her shiny, healthy coat.

Agnieszka Wojtków