Test based on a chromatographic immunological method for qualitative detection of CDV antigen of the vector virus (CDV)

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    The VetExpert Rapid CDV Ag kit is based on a chromatographic immunological method for qualitative detection of CDV antigen in conjunctiva, urine, serum or plasma.

    The sensitivity of the test was determined at 98.8%,
    The specificity of the test was determined at 97.7%.

    The tests are offered in packs of 2, 5 or 10 pieces.
    Set contents:

    VetExpert Rapid CDV Ag tests
    tubes with diluent
    swab sticks
    disposable pipettes
    1 instruction sheet
    Simplified test procedure

    The nasal virus belongs to the Paramyxoviridae family and, like other viruses belonging to this family, it has strong infectious and infectious properties.

    Dogs of all breeds are sensitive to the nasal, and the disease is most often observed in the cold months of the year, especially in spring and autumn. The nasal can be asymptomatic, subacute or acute, manifested by various clinical signs.

    Dogs with acute distemper usually give within 2-4 weeks of infection. Clinical signs of the distemper depend on the virulence of the virus strain and on secondary bacterial and parasitic infections, which are the result of the immunosuppressive action of the virus. A sick dog excretes the virus with all secretions (saliva, nasal and conjunctival efflux) and excretions (urine, faeces). Laboratory diagnosis of dogs’ nasal tubing is becoming more and more difficult due to the variety of clinical symptoms, often differing from the commonly described ones. Therefore, in order to confirm the clinical diagnosis it is necessary to perform laboratory tests. At present, immunoenzymatic tests are used to diagnose the survival of the nasal tract, which, due to the speed of execution and the possibility of using the following tests in the conditions of the clinic, clinics are gaining a wider and wider group of users.





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