Hepatic Dog

Diet for dogs with liver failure

12 kg

2 kg

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    • Chronic liver disease
    • Copper storage disease

    • Porto-systemic shunt
    • Hepatic encephalopathy


    Protein – moderately decreased

    Decreased amount helps to restrict liver protein metabolism being a source of toxic nitrogen compounds

    Copper – decreased

    Decreased amount prevents from toxic consequences of copper storage in liver

    Zinc – increased

    Increased amount exerts antioxidant properties and reduces copper absorption from alimentary tract

    Artichoke – added

    Artichoke stimulates bile release and support lipid digestion in alimentary tract


    Phospholipids support regeneration processes in damaged liver


    Not recommended for:

    Pancreatitis or dogs which suffered from or are at risk of pancreatitis
    Not recommended for females during pregnancy and lactation and for puppies.

    Not recommended for:

    Pregnant and lactating bitches
    Dogs requiring enteral nutritional support



    Ingredients: Meat and Meat-by-products (41% Chicken), Grain (6% Rice), Minerals (1%, 0,2% Monocalciumphosphate), Vegetable-by-products (0,1% Yucca Shidigera, 0,1% MOS, 0,1% FOS), Oil and Fat (0,5% Salmon Oil, 0,5% Linseed Oil)
    Analytical constituents: Crude protein 6,50%, Crude fat 5,50%, Crude ash 2,30%, Crude fiber 0,50%, Moisture 79,00%, Calcium 0,25%, Phosphorus 0,16%, Sodium 0,10%, Omega-3-fatty acids 0,50%, Omega-6-fatty acids 0,80%



    Feeding instructions: The feed given in amounts based on your dog’s ideal weight meets its daily nutritional requirements. The initial amounts are shown in the table on the packaging. The doses may be divided into two or more meals. It is advised to consult a veterinarian before first use of the product or extending the period of feeding. The diet should be administered in accordance with the nutritional recommendations as the only food of animal according to its age, breed and activity level. Recommended length of time administration, initially to 6 months. Keep the fresh water available at all times. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and feed within 1 day. Feed diet at room temperature. Consult a Vet before feeding.


    Feeding guide:

    Body mass (kg)1-55-1010-2525-45
    Daily ration (g/24h)25-9090-150150-300300-465

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